Terry Mitchell

Predictions (Events as I call them) that WILL happen, Intuitive Q&A readings on any subjects using only myself and cleromancy (Dice), Honest, non judgemental & compassionate.



5 Events for $10

10 Events for $40

You can purchase a 10 Min Block of time for $60 or do Per Min for $10.99

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5 Events for $60


10 Events for $85

10 Min Block of Time can be purchased for $60 or You can do Per Min at $10.99



1. When You call, The first thing I will ask for Is Your REAL Name, B-day, Sexual Orientation, Sex (If Not obvious) and a Code, This may be a Word, Number or sentence that I need to prove you read this Disclaimer, Red is the word today

2. I see First Names often in Readings but These Names are not always ones you will recognize or Know in the Present

3. Clients have reported Events happening in as little as an Hour to as long as 3 Years in the future-Please do not call me in 3 months to tell me the Events havent happened, I will only say, so?- also someone asked, how am I supposed to remember what you said 3 years ago? Well, There are Transcripts you can access and hopefully You are not just a one time caller, You can call back for New Events, We can discuss old Events as well and keep Track of them, By the way I do not really need the word Red, I really need the word: black

4. If You have a BURNING question, Events wont answer it, They cannot be focused on specific people or subjects and once read, I cannot look Deeper or answer questions on them

5. Events may not make ANY sense at all, Many Reviews speak about this, Please read them and make sure you are willing to be patient for things to make sense, One Client says the Events are Like a Puzzle she has to Piece together

6. Events can be changed So If I see Gloom and Doom, I will tell you but only so you can prevent it

7. Events may not match the Present, an example: You and John Get married. You are currently dating Steve, who is John? This should tell you that Steve is a short term lover, John is the man you marry, People don’t usually understand this and like to argue with me

8. If you are unhappy with the Reading, do not hang up, We can discuss it calmly, Go over your concerns or questions or if you feel its total crap, I will give a partial or complete refund depending on my thoughts towards it, Once You hang up, I can’t refund, Also, Remember the word I said I needed? I also need the word RAIN or I will not read The Events

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-08:00) October 20, 2019, 11:54AM

Location: Las Vegas  (Find on Google Maps)

$10.99 per minute (after your approval)

New Clients Only-10 Events for $40

My $10 deal:

5 Events that WILL happen.