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✟❤️God Gifted Spiritual Reader ❤️✟ Life/Spiritual/Relationship/Love Expert- (Predictions Happen!) Truthful, Accurate, Straight To Point. No False Hopes.


My Goal Is To Give You Honest, Straight To The Point, Accurate Answers To Your Most Important Questions. And No Sugar Coating Is Guaranteed, My Clients All Respect The Truth When It Comes To Whatever They May Be Going Through.

What A Reading From Me Can Do?

It Can Help Guide You Towards A Positive, SUCCESSFUL Second Chance. I Specialize And Advise My Clients In All Matters Of Life Including; Love, Relationships, Marriage, Family, Career, Life Direction. My Psychic Counseling Sessions Help You Increase Self Love And Confidence, Can Offer Strategies To Help You Achieve Positive Goals. I Am Also Licensed Psychic In The State Of AZ

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Little About Me:I Grew Up In Church, I Was Very Connected To God And His Angels. I Always Prayed And Was Thankful For Whatever I Had And What I Didn’t Have. But As I Got Older I Noticed I Was Able To Connect To People, Whether I Knew Them, Or Not. Growing Up At Such A Young Age, I Was Scared Of My Ability I Didn’t Know How To Control, Handle, And Understand it. My Grandmother Who Was A Licensed Psychic Taught Me SO Much About Who I Was Meant To Be And What I Was Meant To Do With Being A Psychic My Gift Is To Help People Who Were Lost, Confused, And Didn’t Know Their Sense Of Direction To Life. At That Point I Knew This Gift Was From God. I Love Being Able To Help People With Whatever They Are Going Through, To Inspire, Encourage, And Give Them Peace With Whatever He/She May Be Facing In Life.


My Clients Always Receive A New Perspective Into Their Lives. During A Reading, You’ll Discover Clarity Concerning Situations That Are Causing You Mental Anguish. The Answers You Find Will Offer Reassurance And Affirmation As You Continue On Your Path.

Prayer Requests Available

I Graduated At Berkeley Psychic Institute In Sacramento CA. And While I Was There i Studied Spiritualism, Palmistry, Tarot Cards, And To Be More In Tune With My Ability From There I Became A Certified Spiritualist.

Lets Talk About These limitations That are bound by the universal law and include the following:

Your free will!

You have the freedom to choose and to create your future. A psychic cannot command you on how to choose, or what to choose. But I can tell you about the possible consequences for the actions you are about to make or the path you are on.

Other people’s free will

This specifically involves your loved ones, people you interact with, and those whom you are bound to meet.

This means that our actions can alter psychic predictions (i.e. change the outcome of what was predicted in a reading).

NOTE: I Will Respect My Clients And I Give My All To Look In To Your Life And Situation To Give You Those Accurate Answers That You Need To Make Decisions, Life Choices, An How To Go On With The Information That Was Given To You, But I Ask For The Same Respect In Return, Understand My Time And Efforts Are Valuable.

! I Have Went Up On My Pricing Because I Am A Single Mom Taking Care Of A Baby <3

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-06:00) August 18, 2019, 11:59PM

Location: Phoenix. Az.  (Find on Google Maps)

$1.89 per minute (after your approval)

$50 UnLimited TIME-Love Compatibly Reading, (Most In Depth, Detailed)